Invited speakers

Introduction to the invited speakers at this event.


Professor Greg Rutledge, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Title of presentation: Structure-property relationships in electrospun fiber webs

Gregory C. Rutledge is the Lammot du Pont Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  He has served as Director of the Program in Polymer Science and Technology and as Executive Officer in the Department of Chemical Engineering.  His group conducts research in the molecular engineering of high performance polymers and the development of electrospun fibers and membranes.  He currently serves as editor for the Journal of Materials Science and the Journal of Engineering Fibers and Fabrics, as well as on several editorial advisory boards. He is a recipient of the NSF Young Investigator Award, an H.A. Morton Distinguished Visiting Professor at the University of Akron, a Fellow of the American Physical Society and the Polymeric Materials Science and Engineering Division of the American Chemical Society, and the 2014 recipient of the Founders Award for The Fiber Society.


Professor Dr Paul Dalton, University of Würzburg, Germany

Title of presentation: Melt Electrospinning Writing

Paul Dalton is a Professor in Biofabrication at the University of Würzburg, Germany.  He has 20 years' of interdisciplinary experience in biomedical materials, including polymer processing, medical implants, nanotechnology and surface science.  He was part of a successful team in the 1990s taking an artifical cornea from concept to the clinic and specializes in developing polymer processing technologies which have a clear path to translation.  He has also worked in Canada, China, United Kingdom and Australia as part of his academic career.  His research focus is establishing high resolution 3D printing technologies for clinical translation and neuroscience applications.


Dr Suwan N Jayasinghe, University College London, UK

Title of presentation: Cell electrospinning*

Suwan N. Jayasinghe is currently a reader in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at University College London. His group has made several discoveries having significance to advanced bioanalysis and diagnostics to tissue engineering and regenerative/therapeutic biology and medicine.  These pioneering investigations are currently undergoing intense exploration for the exploitation in the clinic for repairing, replacing and rejuvenating damaged and/or ageing tissues/organs to other clinical applications. 

*The author gratefully acknowledges the Royal Society in the UK for funding these studies.


Dr Nick Tucker, University of Lincoln, UK

Title of presentation: Food applications encapsulation of prebiotics

Nick Tucker is a materials technologist specialising in nanofibre production and packaging materials.  His research portfolio covers the development of electrospinning plant (with Electrospinz Ltd), and nano-scale and sustainable materials.  He is part of the manufacturing processing and materials research group at the School of Engineering, University of Lincoln, UK.

Key dates

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    14 October 2015
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    29 October 2015
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    26 November 2015