Poster programme

Please note this poster programme is subject to change

P.1.     Cardiac remodeling using cardiomyocytes-seeded electrospun collagen scaffolds 
Maria Kitsara, Ecole Normale Supérieure-PSL Research University, Spain

P.2.     Development of a 3D electrospun scaffold of ɛ-Polycaprolactone (ɛ-PCL) for the treatment of skin wound healing
Annesi Giacaman, University of Nottingham, UK

P.3.     Mechanical properties of glassy polymers under cylindrical confinement via molecular dynamics simulations
Shengwei Deng, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Israel

P.4.     Mechanical and thermal properties of electrospun cellulose acetate/poly(lactic acid) hybrid nanofibres
Manis Kumar, Leibniz Universität, Germany

P.5.     Impact of nanoscale additives to the electrospun fibre morphology
Fred J Davis, University of Reading, UK

P.6.     Novel selective Nanofibrous Adsorbents for removal of toxic and heavy metal ions from contaminated wastewater
D Morillo, Leitat Technological Center, Spain

P.7.     Electrospun based antibiotic delivery system for dental applications
Anna Baranowska-Korczyc, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland 

P.8.     High performance large-area organic semiconducting devices fabricated using a pre-metered coating method
Yun Hee Cho,  Korea Institute of Lighting Technology, Republic of South Korea

P.9.     Preparation of PVDF/PVDF-HFP nanofibrous membranes and their applications in protective textiles
Yanbo Liu, Wuhan Textile University, People Republic of China

Key dates

  • Abstract submission deadline: Extended
    14 October 2015
  • Early registration deadline:
    29 October 2015
  • Registration deadline:
    26 November 2015